Oral/Poser Award Winner List

Oral Presentation Winner

1st place : Mas Linda Binti Mohd Osman

Investigation on Fracture Toughness of All-Ceramic Resin Bonded Bridges of Different Parameters Connectors

2nd place: Balqis Istiqomah

Assessability and Influential Factors on Dental Care Access Before, and during the COVID-19 Epidemic in Indonesia: Insights from National Health Insurance Claims Database

3rd place : Lanny Sunarjo

Combination of Fluoride with Casein and Lactoferrin in Enhancing, Calcium Levels and Tooth Hardness. 


Poster Presenation Winner

1st place : Yu-Min Lin

Characterization of Oral Cancer-Associated Microbiota

2nd place: Nadiyah Binti Abdullah Zawawi

Rehabilitation of untreated, adult cleft palate with an Obturator Prosthesis

3rd place : Ng Min Yee

Enhancing Oral Hygiene in Bedridden Patients through Domiciliary Dental Care: A Restospective Study.