ADS-ROC Emblem Spirit

The symbol of world-wide medical profession was originated from Greek myth, the god of cure-Niagishzida. In his portrait, there was a cane and a two-headed snake representing cure and rebirth which were used as the core symbol for designing the emblem of ADS-ROC.


The ideal of establishing a professional dental association in Taiwan was first brought up by the former Director of Dental Department of NDMC, Dr. Tzu-Lien Huang. Since 1956 he had invited many dental scholars to discuss this objective. However, because of the lack of dentists at that time, his ideal was not able to carry out.
It was not until 1975, influencing by the impact of the transforming society more and more dentists realized that they should make some efforts to promote their social status as well as the dental profession. Young dentists started to organize local dental association. In the meantime, with the increasing number of graduated students from five dental schools(NDMC, NTUMC, TMC, KM, and CSMDC), an Association which could unify the strength of dental profession were strongly recognized. In May 1977, the Association for Dental Sciences of the Republic of China(ADS-ROC)was founded. Few years later, the participation of the other graduated students from NYMC and CMC leaded the Association to be the most powerful strength of unity that had ever seen in this profession.


The first president elected of the Association was Dr. Kwai-Wang Shyu. With limited budget, the Association shared a small space from the Taipei Dental Association located at Nanking West Road in Taipei as the initial office to develop its affairs. First of all, the Association set up several committees to promote its activities and started to have connection with other related associations. Furthermore, the publication of the journal of "Oral Medicine" and the organization of first annual meeting have solidly laid the foundation of the Association.
In 1982, with the efforts of 2nd, 3rd and 4th president of the Association, Dr. Fuw-Gudy Duh and Dr. Chao-Chang Chan, the Association had its own office of 113 square meter located at Chung-Shiau East Road in Taipei. Since then its activities and associated affairs have dramatically increased year by year. In 1990, the Association was moved into the current office that was bigger than ever.
From the date of foundation, the activities of ADS-ROC have grown up yearly under the efforts of each president, the members of the Board of Trustees and Supervisors, and every member of the Association. With sufficient financial support and more new recruited members, the Association achieved many successful performances:
  • Organized the annual meeting and the exhibition of dental materials
  • Published the Chinese Dental Journal and the Association Express
  • Edited the Dictionary of Dental Sciences
  • Started continuous education programs
  • Assisted in establishing the training program for dental residents
  • Promoted oral health education and improved national oral health
  • Offered the suggestion and consultation of the laws regarding medical policy
  • Participated in the activities of the international organizations of dental sciences